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Andrew Ochsner


At Boone Graphics, we’re much more than just a printer.
We have the resources and service philosophy to provide your business with front-end document creation through hard copy
and electronic distribution. With our state-of-the-art secured facility and over 25 highly trained professionals, we can create your image, manage your data, print your documents and deliver your messages, all under one roof and all with one accountability.

When it comes to product quality or data security, nobody is
more dedicated than Boone Graphics. We maintain a strict
Quality Management System
that many printers would consider excessive. It starts with cutting edge equipment serviced only by factory-trained technicians. It includes a dedication to employee training that results in a design staff that is all USPS Certified Mail Design Professionals. And it concludes with a consistently high quality product that all of us at Boone Graphics demand.

Making your business life easier is our goal. Supplying you with one single source for the entire process - design to print to distribution - is how we get that done.

Welcome to Boone Graphics!

Andrew Ochsner

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What's New at Boone Graphics

Meet our Newest CSR Jim Petrini


Jim brings years of printing knowledge to Boone and is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet! Come in to Boone and introduce yourself!

Boone on YouTube

Check out Boone in action on YouTube!


The Truth About “Going Green”

December 2012

The next time you hear someone say that their office is “going green” or going paperless, consider the following:
• Paper is carbon locking, meaning that paper retains carbon dioxide, just as if it were still a tree.
• The paper industry plants more trees than it harvests. Without paper, there would be fewer trees.
• No virgin forests are used for paper making.
• Only one third of paper is made from cutting trees. Another third is made from sawmill waste, and another third from recycled paper.
• The manufacture and use of computers, e-readers, and mobile devices is damaging to the environment. E-waste is piling up our landfills. The Internet and cloud computing rely upon vast arrays of power-gulping servers which also damage our environment.
And remember, it’s OK to print that email. Paper is a biodegradable, renewable, sustainable product made from trees.


February 2012

We've all got mail like this before. A personalized letter, with a personalized donation card all enclosed in a personalize envelope. But how many of us have wondered . . . how do they do this? How do they make sure this all matches when they're probably sending out thousands?

In short, these types of mailings are printed on variable data digital presses and then loaded into high-speed inserting/sealing machines. These machines have cameras located throughout the process to ensure all pieces match and to create an audit trail. If something mismatches, the line is shut down, fixed and restarted. This way, we ensure Mr. Jones gets Mr. Jones' letter & donation card and not Mrs. Smith's.

Here's our production line in action:


Stop by our production facility on Kellogg Avenue in Goleta anytime and we'd be happy to give you a tour.


October 2011

Meet our newest full time driver, Lalo Perez.

Many of you already recognize Lalo as he’s been driving for us part time for a couple years. Now, we’re very excited, and lucky, to have Lalo behind the wheel full time! Keep an eye out for him and our new Ford Transit around town.

Boone Graphics  makes deliveries

Give him a wave! He’s never too busy to say hi.


September 2011

As many of you have already noticed, there are changes going on over here at Boone Graphics! Our home for the last six years here on Kellogg Avenue has recently sold. The new owners have plans for the building, occupying a part and leasing out the rest. To accommodate their remodel plans, we have moved our front offices and graphics departments to the other end of the building. We are currently looking for a new home somewhere in Goleta or Santa Barbara and plan to move next March. In the mean time, we'll be right here on Kellogg, getting a lot done in a small space!

If moving isn't tough enough, we are extremely busy these days — always a good problem to have. To help keep up, we have our third Canon IR7150 digital press arriving next week and the fourth scheduled for installation at our new building in March. We are also upgrading our mailing and fulfillment department this month with the addition of a mail verification matching system. This is a fancy way of saying — a computer system that assures all documents we print and insert match 100%, providing post-production documentation for proof.

I would like to thank all our loyal customers and clients for their support as we navigate this busy time. I apologize in advance for any inconveniency the temporary front office or move creates but please rest assured your jobs will not suffer — always right and always on time. See ya in the shop!

Tradeshow? Seminar? Conference?

We can help!
February 2011

We hear it all the time. "I had no idea you guys could do that!" Many of our clients who have relied on our attention to detail with their printing, mailing and web projects never knew we have an entire department dedicated to signs, banners and posters — big graphics!

Here's a quote from a corporate client of ours upon returning from an important conference, "We are back among the living! The event went AWESOME and all of the graphics were a HUUUUUUGE hit! Really great work and I can't thank you enough."

We had another client who needed a fresh look for their tradeshow booth. They had a small local office with no room for us to set it up and really take a look at it. So, we had them come down to our facility and set up the entire show booth on our production floor. We spent hours with them brainstorming new ideas and experimenting with different looks. In the end, our graphics team totally redesigned their look and produced all new signage, brochures and promotional handouts. They had to call us half way through the show because they ran out of promo material! We printed them more that same day and over night shipped it to their hotel. No problem!

So the next time you're getting ready for that upcoming show, seminar or conference. Call us. We can help!

Wow, how things have changed!

August 2010

It's truly amazing how much the print industry has changed just over the last 5 years. At Boone Graphics, we see it everyday! Gone are the "good old days" when a customer would deliver us a file on disk and say, "Print this and mail it by next Friday." Today, things move much faster and in many more directions. This same job will now arrive on a Monday morning via uploaded pdf through our secured ftp site, be proofed and approved for print by that afternoon. In addition to the printed version, there would be an email version complete with PURL link to a third version posted to the client's website. All this, printed, mailed, blasted and posted within a couple days! And this even can seem slow as we now live in an age where information is "old" within hours, not days or weeks. In the printing industry, we've had to adapt to this. Our clients demand it. I'm sure many of you have similar stories within your industry. Evolve, adapt and continue to reinvent yourself or go the way of the dinosaurs. Sometimes I wonder, what will it be like for our kids when they get older?

Full-Color Envelopes

Fast and cheap!
January 2010

It wasn't long ago that envelopes were simply considered a utilitarian item, an additional but necessary cost related to mailing something. Not anymore! Now, with our new Xante Envelope Press (purchased at the Print '09 show in Chicago this past October), envelopes are much more.

Full color graphics can be added to the outside of envelopes in quantities as low as 50 and at very inexpensive costs. In the past, print runs would have to be over 5,000 to get the unit price down to a point that made sense. Customers are now using this new technology to print sales messages on the outside of invoice envelopes, colorful graphics on their invitation envelopes and full color logos on stationary envelopes — it really makes your mail piece get noticed!

The next time you think about a mailing something, don't just think about the design and message inside the envelope, think about the design and message on the outside as well. Turn the envelope into a sales and marketing message and greatly increase the likelihood of it getting opened.

Dave Tanner Honored with

40 under 40 Award
October 2009

We here at Boone Graphics are proud to share the news that our own General Manager, Dave Tanner, has been honored with the prestigious 40 under 40 Award. This award, given each year by the Pacific Coast Business Times, recognizes 40 of the top young business professionals in Santa Barbara County.

For anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Dave, it is no secret why he was chosen. He has been responsible for daily operations of Boone Graphics for over five years. Dave's management, leadership and vision have been instrumental to our company's growth and success.

From all of us on your Boone team, CONGRATULATIONS DAVE! We're proud of you.

New Web Site and Newsletter Launch

June 2009

You're looking at it! Our newly designed website is easier to navigate than ever before yet still packed full of useful information and tools. The fresh new look was a joint effort among the Boone team of web and graphic designers. A great job gang!

As for our monthly newsletter (previously known as Business Forum), it has a whole new look as well — now called Smart Business. Once you have your hands on the latest issue, you will find it has a larger size and thus easier to read. We've also sharpened the focus of the publication making it a quicker read with actionable items to help you better manage and grow your business or career. We think you will enjoy it more than ever!